Sunday, 5 October 2014

Peacock Pie - Black Gold

Black Gold is a black polish packed with gold flakes which gives visual depth and texture.

This mani was achieved by using one coat of plain black undercoat (for easier removal) and two coats of Black Gold, but on its own, opacity can be achieved with two coats. It dries reasonably smooth, but a coat of high-gloss topcoat gives the best result.

Black Gold can be purchased through Peacock Pie's Etsy store here.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Peacock Pie - Royally Sparkled

Royally Sparkled is a really stunning deep blue-purple polish with purple microglitter as well as gold, copper and purple glitters in several shapes and sizes.

I layered two coats over a similar colour base polish, which may have given it a more blue hue.  I also put two coats of Seche Vite topcoat to smooth out the glitters.

Peacock Pie sells her polish through her Etsy store.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Peacock Pie - You've Got Time

You've got time is a beautifully dainty polish by Peacock Pie. It has a pastel lavender-blue base with holo pink and turquoise glitters in a couple of of different sizes. It applies quite well, and packs a lot of glitter per coat!  I practically begged Serra to send me a bottle as soon as I saw her production swatch on our PANZ Facebook site! 

I layered one coat of You've Got Time over a plain light pastel blue-silver base colour, which has given my mani a slightly more pastel blue finish than what the actual polish is. I also finished with two coats of Seche Vite to obtain a really smooth, shiny finish.  This polish looks best finished off with a good, thick topcoat to make the colours pop.

If you want to get your hands on this super cute polish, just go to Peacock Pie's Etsy page.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Depend GelLack - Cyan

I have been looking at the GelLack gel polish at Farmers for quite some time now. I was apprehensive to buy them because I have used the Nailuv range and was really let down. In short, the Nailuv was horrible to apply and it only lasted 4 days before it peeled off! And yes, I prepped my nails well and followed the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Thankfully, I let my curiosity finally get the better of me and purchased some GelLack.

The GelLack system is easy to use.  You prep your nails with the Before and After Cleanser, put a layer of Basecoat on and cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp.  You apply thin coats of colour (Cyan in my case) and cure each coat for 30 seconds.  You finish off with a layer of Topcoat and cure for 30 seconds. You clean the sticky residue off with the Before and After Cleanser and you're done!  Tip: you can use the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) instead of the Before & After Cleanser.

Cyan is a gorgeous turquoise colour and it applies beautifully, as long as you keep the coats thin (like any gel polish).  To achieve this mani, I applied 3 thin coats to build opacity.  I kept my mani plain for 4 days and saw no dullness or wear appearing.  It still looked perfect ... but I got bored with it.  So, I decided to bling it up a little by applying Revlon 860 Metallic, which is a chrome silver, to the tips for a non-traditional French mani.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Nicole by OPI - Blue-Berry Sweet On You

Nicole by OPI's Blue-Berry Sweet On You is part of the Gumdrops collection, which is basically NOPI's textured polish range. It is a very shiny periwinkle blue and the texture is reasonably fine, so totally wearable without catching.  

To achieve this mani, I applied two coats over a clear base coat. The formula is quite thick and easily opaque in two coats. It really needs to dry between coats otherwise application can become patchy due to glitters pulling.

Some Countdown supermarkets have recently started stocking Nicole by OPI polishes, and they hold a good range in store at a reasonable price.


In Sunlight
Close-up of texture

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Zoya - Claudine

Zoya Claudine made me squee because I was convinced I would never find a polish with the same name as me!  Claudine is a dark gunmetal grey with shimmer and offers a nice alternative to a black polish, as it gives it a softer finish. I found it difficult to photograph indoors because it was hard to capture the shimmer.  I really liked this polish on its own, but couldn't get past how awesome it would look with silver!  So...the stamping began.

For this mani, I applied 2 coats of Claudine.  I expected it to apply streaky, but it was surprisingly good.  When it was fully dry, I used a silver stamping polish from Mundo de Uñas and Pueen Cosmetics plate 63.  For the accent nail, I used Nail Pattern Boldness' Tinman.  I finished the mani with one coat of Seche Vite on the stamped nails, and two for the accent nails as Tinman does give quite a rough finish. 


Tinman accent nail

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Emily de Molly - Folklore

I recall the time I saw Emily de Molly release this polish on her website.  I basically salivated like a little dog!  I ordered pretty much straight away, fearing she would sell out. Folklore is AMAZING.  It kinda reminds me of those holographic covers that children use on their school books, that almost hypnotize you the more you stare at it.

Folklore has a jelly turquoise base packed with turquoise holographic micro glitters. To achieve this mani, I layered two coats over a coat of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise for colour depth and easier removal.  I finished off with one coat of Seche Vite topcoat.  Like with all other Emily de Molly polishes I have tried, Folklore applies beautifully.

Slightly out of focus to capture effect
Bottle shot
Pinterst code start Pinterest code end